Youth Ministry: August 2011
Youth Ministry 2011 Back to School Bash
“I would like to thank the women's basketball team and those that participated from the men's basketball team,” said Kiana Pearson, St. John Missionary Baptist Church Youth Director. “It speaks volumes when student-athletes take the time to give young children advice on why school is important.”
The Racers assisted at the event by serving meals, operating a snow cone machine and apply face paint and Christian fake tattoos, assisting with water slides and playing games with the 30 children that attended. The teams also spoke to the children about the importance of an education.
“Having college student-athletes present at our Back to School Bash created a true example of a role model for our young children,” Ronald Kendrick, Pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church said. “We at St. John Missionary Baptist Church are very appreciative of the community service that the Racers have given us and it has truly made a difference.”
Sis. Wanetta Buck

"Best Smile" of the Year 2011
Murray's Utilities
Sis. Wanetta Buck serves in several capacities within the
Ministry of the St. John Missionary Baptist Church. She truly
one of God's sevants not only in the church, but out in the world.

3rd Pastor's Anniversary

"A Dinner and a Movie With the First Lady"
At Murray High School Football Game 

"The Market Place"
A project for in which all area churches participated.
Jewish Children Dancing Sis. Hattie Arnold and Sis. Clara BushrodShay

MSU Homecoming Parade (Church Youth Ministry Participated) 

Experiencing God: