Our History

St. John Missionary Baptist Church was organized by Pastor Deprew of Harrison Street Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky in 1900.  During the establishment, a small plot of land was purchased for the church building.  In 1905, a small frame building was erected and Pastor J. D. Blanton became the first pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church. Worship services were held there in this small frame building on Sundays.
Pastor J. D. Blanton was born in Stewart County, Tennessee and was ordained into the ministry in 1885.  He served as the Treasurer of the Little River and Cumberland Valley Association for eight years and moderator of the 5th Sunday meetings for many years.
Before he was called to be the first pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, he was pastor of a leading church here in Calloway County for 28 years. Pastor J.D. Blanton received forty members, raised $747.46 and assisted  in constructing a $2,000 building after the first small frame building became inadequate and dilapidated for its congregation.  He especially thanked the white people of Murray during this time for their assistance and encouragement. 
The Deacons during Pastor Blanton’s ministry at St. John were, Brother Anderson Rowlett, Brother James Cravens, Brother Clark Broil, Brother Frank Dunbar, and Brother Reet Futrell.  God blessed Pastor Blanton with 80 members. Pastor Blanton became known as “Progressive Colored Man” who stood for the “Uplifting” of African Americans.
In the eyes of the members and Pastor J. D. Blanton, there was sincerity for purpose and with their strength and support, decided to build a brick building, which is the current building.  Three additions were later added to the original church building. Several improvements have been made to make the building more convenient and comfortable for all. 

Experiencing God: