Ministries currently available are:


Youth Ministry -The Youth Ministry addresses our youth's emotional, social, and spiritual needs.  This ministry incorporates a variety of activities and exciting events to help young people build positive relationships develop support systems and become all that they can.


Music Ministry - The choir ministry consists of those persons of all ages who love to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  Presently,  we have an adult choir by the name of New Creation.  The music ministry assists the church in fulfilling the scripture that states that we are to make a joyful noise to the Lord.  Those in the music ministry share whatever musical ability they have to Glorify God.


Christian Education- The Christian Education Ministry is a growing area of our church which  seeks to combat biblical ignorance through the in-depth study of God's word.  The goal of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide an educational outlet to the church ministries by planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive Christian education program that will train leaders to work in God's ministries.  Those Seasoned Christians, as well as those early in their journey of defining their faith, will find their place under umbrella of Christian Education. There are three areas that are a part of this ministry: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and New Member Orientation.  

Missionary Ministry - The Missionary Missionary exists to fulfill the church call to missions. There are two parts of this calling: Evangelism, which is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Missions, which is that in providing aide to those who are in need. 


Culinary/Hospitality Ministry -The Kitchen/Hospitality Committee seeks to serve as the welcoming arm of the church.  The Kitchen/Hospitality Committee sets  and prepares the menus when the church provides meals before or after worship services/ events and contacts the church membership to assist in providing an appropriate meal for guest and attending members. They are also responsible for maintaining the kitchen appearance, cleanliness and making recommendations for equipment repair or replacement at church meetings.  Additionally,  they are responsible for greeting guests as they are served and dine as well as making our members and guest feel comfortable during services and functions. 


Media Ministry-The Media Ministry oversees the audio, video, external/internal communication and website functions for the church.  This ministry is responsible for controlling the sound reinforcement equipment, setting levels and maintenance of microphones and other equipment. Under this ministry the following 4 committees are found: Audio Committee, Video Committee, Communications Committee, and Technology & Website Committee.  The Media Ministry is charged with making recommendations for equipment repair or replacements at church meetings.   Additionally, this ministry will also evaluate as the church grows, the need to duplicate video and audio recordings of services and events for those who cannot attend services at the church. 
The communication side of this ministry assists the church in coordinating all public printed and multimedia communications to ensure that all publications and presentations have a consistent look and hold true to the church's mission.  The communication committee can assist in supporting projects by helping to clarify the communication objectives, identify the target audiences, develop clear and coherent messages and select the appropriate channels to best deliver the message at hand.  The communication committee is responsible for the content produced for fliers, newsletters, the church bulletin boards and other opportunities to publicly communicate church events to the public.
The technology side of this ministry assists the church in maintaining the computer systems and peripherals, including workstations, the network, access, printers and other computer related equipment.  Additionally, they are charged with uploading the website, making changes, creating and deleting church email accounts and communicating with the server service provider to ensure consistent quality in service. 


Ministry of Transportation - The Transportation Committee duties include making sure that individuals who need a way to church arrive on time to services and are returned to their point of origin when services conclude.  The members of this committee must have a valid driver's license and go through a mini-orientation to the church vehicle (s) and procedures for fueling and checking the vitals.
 Usher Ministry - The Usher Ministry, which also includes the youth ushers as well, duties include making sure that everyone who arrives for morning worship receives a bulletin, has a giving envelope, and that they are seated properly. They are also responsible for making sure that everyone respects the sanctity of the worship service by not walking or entering the sanctuary during inappropriate times. They also assist with someone who is uncomfortable during services (i.e. providing fans, adjusting the temperature, assisting parents with crying children, picking up the sanctuary after services, etc.).  They are also charged with making recommendations to the church when pew hymnals or bibles need repair or replacement at the church meetings.  The Usher Ministry lovingly greets each member or visitor who enters the church.

Facilities Management Ministry- The Facilities Management Committee is responsible for the external and internal appearance of our church is kept in a pristine condition. From lawn maintenance and planting flowers in the summer to snow removal in the winter, The Facilities Management Committee is responsible for making our church an attractive place to look at year round. Our Facilities Management Committee works tirelessly to keep our building clean and safe. They routinely make sure the building and facilities are clean, sanitary and in working condition.


Relief Aide Ministry -The Relief Aide Ministry is a ministry that is  about the Word and the Kingdom of God. It is the  objective to lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and help them to seek their place of service in His Kingdom.; therefore, the first priority of the Relief Assistance Ministry is to encourage those who faithfully attend the St. John Missionary Baptist Church. This ministry exist to encourage and not to take the place of biblical responsibility to work, providing for one's family and being a wise steward of one's finances. As a Church of God, we are wanting to show love and compassion to those, especially the members of St. John Missionary Baptist Church by aiding those who are in dire need of assistance; however, we are to be wise stewardship of God's business.
Activities Ministry - The Activities Ministry is a ministry that coordinates activities for the purpose of church fellowship.